Parenting co-ordinators in Ontario now have professional designation

By Marianne Cuhaci and Hilary Linton
September 22, 2017

Unlike most separated parents who settle their disputes within a couple of years, some parents’ conflicts continue for many years. These parents keep returning to their lawyers with issues that, from a legal standpoint, might seem inconsequential, but to the parents can be critical enough to compel them to get a second mortgage to fund their battle.

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Parenting Coordination

By Marianne Cuhaci
September, 2013

What is parenting coordination?

Parenting Coordination is a service for high-conflict couples who are experiencing chronic difficulties in resolving parenting issues between themselves. (Note that we are referring to cases where significant conflicts persist more than 2 years after the separation. Many separating couples exhibit high conflict in the early stages of separation, but usually those issues are resolved either as a result of an agreement or an interim court order.)

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