Services Provided

Marianne provides services in the following areas:

Individual Counselling

For individuals requiring counselling to help them cope with difficulties they are encountering in their lives.

Family Therapy

A type of therapy that works with couples and families to nurture and facilitate change and growth and resolve conflict. Family therapy focuses on the interactions between family members and recognizes the impact of family relationships on overall psychological health.

Parenting Mediation

A process which provides parents who are separated or contemplating separation with the opportunity to negotiate mutually agreeable parenting arrangements for their children. Parents with an existing parenting plan, separation agreement or court order may also benefit from this process if they are in conflict over existing arrangements and/or their children have "outgrown" existing agreements.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a service for couples who are in conflict over custody, access and parenting matters, typically for a period of more than 2 years after separation. The process involves mediation, as well as arbitration of specific issues, as identified in a detailed contract. The goal of the process is to resolve parenting conflicts and divert the parents from the adversarial court process, in order to minimize the impact of the parents' conflict on their children. Parents are generally referred by their lawyers or the courts.

The parents are referred by their lawyers and retain the Parenting Coordinator. The goal of the process is to reduce the level of conflict between the parents, resolve parenting conflicts, and divert the parents from the adversarial court process, in order to minimize the impact of the parents' conflict on the children.

Parenting Capacity Assessment

In circumstances where the courts or Children's Aid Society may be questioning the ability of parents to effectively provide adequate parenting for a child, a Parenting Capacity Assessment looks at the strengths and weaknesses of a parent, as well as the parent's ability to meet the needs of his or her child(ren). Factors considered are the parent's immediate as well as long term capacity to parent, the support network available to the parent and family, as well as the quality of the relationship between the parent and child(ren). There is frequently a home visit involved. The Assessment generally results in recommendations about placement options along with recommendations for treatment and resources for the parent and family.

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